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Friday April 3, 2015

Welcome to the new Alpine Aircraft Sales website.
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Years Selling Aircraft
Plus Pioneers in Australia
Plus Pioneers in New Zealand


P200 Hawk

Cheaper with great flight qualities
115 Knot Cruise (CSU)
Fixed Landing Gear


135 Knot Cruise
Retractable Undercarriage
19 Litres Per Hour

P300 Kite

118 Knot Cruise
Fixed Landing Gear
19 Litres Per Hour

These Are Just A Few Features, There Are Plenty More

  • A Delight To Fly

  • Fully Customisable Options

  • Unsurpassed Luxury

  • 135 Knot Cruise

  • 19 Litres Per Hour

  • Constant Speed Propeller Option

  • Retractable or Fixed Undercarriage

  • Superior Comfort

  • Coordinated & Responsive Controls

‘Fast, comfortable and economical, it looks great – and actually flies as
nicely as it looks’
Pilot, November 2011
‘a delight to fly with nippy performance and stylish Italian lines’
Australian Flying Magazine, June 2013

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