Pioneer 300 Std

Pioneer 300

Included Equipment:
Rotax 912 – 100 HP engine incl. AirBox
Electric Retractable Undercarriage
2 Fuel Tanks – 40 ltr each
Andair Fuel Valves
Gas Suspension Landing Gear (main & front)
Wing Strobe Lights SL6N PLUS & Landing Lamp
Electric Elevator Trim
Fibre Instrument Panel & Console
Central Tunnel with Objects Recovery
Cockpit Air Vents
Auxiliary Electric Socket
Flight Manual – Check List
Maintenance Manual
Standard Blue Upholstery
Pioneer Canopy Cover
Blue Glasses (canopy)
Oil Level Inspection Door

Included Instruments:
Air Speed Indicator
VSI – Vertical Speed Indicator
Turn Coordinator
RPM Counter with Hour Counter
2 Fuel Level Indicators
Cooling Temperature Indicator
Oil Temperature Indicator
Oil Pressure Indicator
Electric Variable Pitch Propeller Idrovario with Constant Speed Unit
Electric Aileron Trim
Electric Turn & Bank Coordinator
Third Central Fuel Tank P300 (32 ltr)
Fuel Pressure Indicator
Toe Brakes
Canopy Snap Vents
Landing Gear Doors
Morenica Seats (couple) P300
Morenica Upholstery P300
Garmin SL40 Radio (intercom & antenna)
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder & Encoder
Icom IC-A200 (intercom & antenna)
Bendix KT76A Transponder
GPS AVMAP EKP IV with Support
MED 80 BW Multi Engine Data Basic Senders
D10 EFIS System – Includes Flight Instruments – gyroscopic – OAT
D100 EFIS System – Includes Flight Instruments – gyroscopic – OAT
Double Half Plane Metallic Paint
(upper & lower fuselage plus wings)

These are the most popular options. Further options available.

Rotax 912S, Fixed Pitch Propeller, Sea Level, P300

Maximum Levelled Speed 153 Knts
Cruise Speed ( @ 75% Power) 130 Knts
Stall Speed 35 Knts
Best Angle Of Climb 53 Knts
Best Rate Of Climb 64 Knts
Rate Of Climb @ 53 Knts 460 m/min (1500 ft/min)
Roll Speed 120°/sec
Aerodynamic Efficiency 13:1
Range @ 75% Power 1000 km (621 mls)
Range @ 75% Power with Auxiliary Tank 1450km (900 mls)
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Power 18.5 l/h
Operative Ceiling Altitude 6000 m
Take Off & Landing Ground Running 120m (393 ft)


Empty Operative Weight 290 Kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 560 Kg
MTOW  (RA-Aus) 560 Kg


Wing Span 7.55 m
Wing Reference Surface 10 mq
Cabin Width 1.05 m


In Flight Load Factors +4 / -2 g
Tank Capacity 80 ltrs
Overall Pay Load Limit (ULM) 194.5 Kg
Baggage Volume 226 ltrs

For any further information on a Pioneer 300 please contact;

Michael Pendergast  0418 521 534

Bob Keen  0429 639 770  Northern NSW, QLD, NT