Pioneer 300 Kit (Euro)

Included Equipment:
Pioneer 300 Euro Kit – JAR/VLA UK
Electric Landing Gear
2 Fuel Tanks (40 Ltr)
Electric Flaps
Electric Elevator Trim
Central Tunnel with Object Recovery
Cockpit Air Vents
White Body Paint

Included Documents:
Construction Manual
Assembly Drawings
Part Numbers Catalogue
Final Check
Flight Manual – Check List
Maintenance Manual

Includes paint, all glues etc. including air frame.

It does NOT include engine, propeller, firewall forward,
instruments, upholstery or wiring.

Items included in kit as per photo below.













Rotax 912 Engine Predisposition
Rotax 914 Engine Predisposition
Firewall Forward Kit
Standard Upholstery & Seats
LX Upholstery & Seats by Morenica
Gas Suspension Landing Gear (main & front)
Third Central Fuel Tank P300 (32 Ltr)
Blue Glasses
Adjustable Pedals
Cabin Heat
Standard Instrument Panel
LX Instrument Panel
Wires & Sockets

There are also other extras available ex factory,
e.g electric trims, gear doors, instruments, radios,
transponders, wiring options etc.

Pioneer 300 Kit (Advanced)

This kit is the same as in the picture above, except the builder
has to install and glue the ply to the wings etc. The builder also
has to join the fuselage shells (down the centre) and glue them.

This is a fairly large job, but is easily achieved by a competant
builder. As another option the factory can join and glue the
fuselage for you for a fee.

There is a large saving with this kit, for a hands on person.
This kit also has all of the options available as the kit above.

These kits can be optioned to suit individual requirements.
Price will vary dependent on requirements.

To have a look at a detailed build log of a Pioneer 300
please click here.


For any further information on a Pioneer 300 Kit please contact;

Michael Pendergast  0418 521 534

Bob Keen  0429 639 770  Northern NSW, QLD, NT