Pioneer 200 Hawk

The Pioneer 200 Hawk has vast improvements and upgrades from the standard 200.

To improve visual aesthetics and robustness the wings are now a full solid panel, also all wing and stabiliser tips are now fully integrated.
All ply sections of the fuselage are now constructed of carbon fiber.
The canopy has been reconstructed of carbon fiber with flush mounting of screen and canopy area.
The canopy hingeing has been redesigned and canopy is now flush
mounted to fuselage. This inturn reduces drag and provides a much quieter cockpit environment.
Both main undercarriage legs and undercarriage mounting frame have been redesigned to increase strength and durability.
The main fuel tank capacity has been increased to 75 litres with the 17 litre auxillary tank still an option.

The P200 Hawk is now available in Australia.
Even if you option this aircraft up, you will find it is very competitive in price, performance and quality.

Included Equipment:

Rotax 912 – 100 HP engine incl. AirBox
Gas Suspension Landing Gear (nose)
Wheel Fairings
Landing Gear Fairings
Morenica Upholstery
Strobe Lights
Cabin Heat
75 Ltr Fuel Tank
Electric Elevator & Aileron Trim
Electronic Flap Controller
Landing Lights (2) inserted on Engine Cowling
Cabin Air Vents
Fibre Instrument Panel & Console
Flight Manual – Check List
Maintenance Manual
Pioneer Protective Cover
White Body with Choice of Paint Scheme
Canopy Key Lock

Included Instruments:
Air Speed Indicator
VSI – Vertical Speed Indicator
Turn & Bank Coordinator
RPM Counter with Hour Meter
Fuel Pressure Indicator
Fuel Level Indicator
Cooling Temperature Indicator
Oil Temperature Indicator
Oil Pressure Indicator
Gen & Battery Lights
Black Seat Belts
Auxillary Electric Socket

Electric Variable Pitch Propeller Idrovario with Constant Speed Unit
Garmin SL40 Radio (intercom & antenna)
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder & Encoder
Icom IC-A200 (intercom & antenna)
GPS AVMAP EKP IV with Support
MINI EIS (Engine Information System)
Blue Glass
Extra Fuel Tank (17 Ltr)
Oil Level Inspection Door
Rudder Trim
Toe Brakes
Adjustable Pedals
External Battery Socket & Cockpit Main Switch Kit
Half Plane Body Paint (metallic)

* These are the most popular options. Further options available.

Rotax 912 100 HP, Fixed Pitch Propeller, Sea Level

Maximum Levelled Speed 125 Knts
Cruise Speed (@ 75% Power) 115 Knts
Stall Speed 36 Knts
Best Angle Of Climb 48 Knts
Best Rate Of Climb 59 Knts
Rate Of Climb @ 48 Knts 425 m/min (1400 ft/min)
Aerodynamic Efficiency 11:1
Range @ 75% Power 800 km (497 mls)
Range @ 75% Power with Auxiliary Tank 1000 km (621 mls)
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Power 18.5 l/h
Take Off & Landing Ground Running 100 m (328 ft)


Empty Operative Weight 278 Kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 520 Kg


Wing Span 7.55 m


In Flight Load Factors +4 / -2 g
Maximum Baggage Amount 20 Kg

This model can be optioned to only include individual necessary requirements. Price will vary dependent on individual requirements.

For any further information on a Pioneer 200 Hawk please contact;

Michael Pendergast  0418 521 534

Bob Keen  0429 639 770  Northern NSW, QLD, NT