New Generation 4 Seater
Superior Comfort
120 Knot Cruise
20 L/Hr
Design Of The Future

The Alpi P400 is a four seat, 120 kt cruise, 20 lts per hr light aircraft. Under $200,000.00 and compared to the older GA aircraft maintenance costs are a minimum.
Our demonstration 400 is equipped with a 10 Inch Dynon Skyview coupled to a Dynon 2 axis auto pilot, the Skyview has the GPS download as well. Also gracing the panel is a Garmin SL40 radio and a Garmin GTX328 mode S transponder.
With the in built ELT, electronic flap controller, toe brakes, adjustable front seats and leather interior it makes a very safe comfortable cruising aeroplane.
Outside is of the same quality of finish as the rest of Alpi products, equipped with strobes, landing lights lockable fuel caps and constant speed prop, this is an aircraft one can take a lot of pride and satisfaction in owning . .

Standard Equipment

Rotax ULS 100hp Engine with Airbox
Hydraulic Variable Pitch Propeller
Jihostroj Constant Speed Device
40Lt Certified Wing Tanks
Andair Fuel Selector
Fibre Panel & Console
Cabin Fresh Air Intake
Key Canopy Lock
Aileron Electric Trim
Elevator Electric Trim
Electronic Flaps Controller
Electric Retractable Gear
Gas Nose Landing Gear
Gas Main Landing Gear
Landing Gear Doors
Toe Brakes
Luxury Upholstery ‘Model’ Fabric
Plus Cabin Heating
3 Points Safety Belts
Oil Inspection Door
Landing Lights Inserted in Cowling
Strobe & Nav Lights
Radio Prewiring
Auxillary Electric Socket
White Paint with Sticker
Flight & Maintenance Manual

Standard Instruments

Electric Turn & Bank Coordinator
Transponder GTX328
2 Fuel Level Indicators
MINI EIS including –
– RPM counter
– Hourmeter
– 2 x CHT
– 2 x EGT
– Oil Temp Indicator
– Oil Press Indicator
– Airbox Temp Indicator + O.A.T.
– Voltmeter
– Ampermeter
– Fuel Pressure
– Fuel Computer

If you would like to enquire about the P400,
please contact or phone 0418 521 534.

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